Friday, August 22, 2014


YES! IELTS features IELTS Writing Courses - IELTS Speaking Practice Tests - IELTS Reading Strategies and Skills -  Checking Services for IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2
YES! IELTS is designed for students who require a bandscore of 7 or higher.
YES! IELTS offers a Moodle-based virtual learning environment (VLE) consisting of carefully constructed online study activities for IELTS preparation. In tutor-supported IELTS Writing Courses (for Task 2), you will work through your course step-by-step and each time you complete and submit an activity, your tutor will receive an email to alert them of this. Your tutor will then check your answers and if necessary will write back to you with suggestions or corrections specific to your answers. Because the activities are sequential, it's important you complete every activity in the order given. This interactive method means that you can study by yourself to your own timetable, yet you have the ongoing support of a real tutor throughout your learning program. YES! IELTS Self-Study Writing Courses offer the opportunity to continue to improve your IELTS skills. It is recommend they are undertaken after you complete the tutor-support courses, but this is not essential. You can also have your writing checked by a professional IELTS instructor. YES! IELTS Reading Courses offer tips and practice activities for success in IELTS Reading True-False-Not Given, Paragraph Heading Matching, and Multiple Choice Questions.